Keys to Positivity


How many times a day do you catch yourself being extremely negative about yourself, others, distractions, or even commitments? It’s more than you might imagine. The best thing you can do for yourself is to become a daily positive thinker. Here are 6 tips to trick your brain into staying positive:

1.     Daily Gratitude
- Use either a journal or an app to take notes in. Every morning, wake up and write down at least 3 things that you are grateful for. When you put your attention on gratitude, it’s easier to stay in that mood. Remember that you woke up today—which is not something everyone gets an opportunity to do.

2.     Stay Centered
- This will keep you from soaking in the negative energy that flips your positive attitude. Find something that you really enjoy- such as yoga, walking, or painting- to put your mind at ease. Let the mind cease and your soul speak at that point.

3.     Stay Active
 - When you start to focus on completing your hectic schedule, negative and frustrating thoughts start to flood your mind. Go out and go for a run or a bike ride. Anything that keeps you moving and gives you time to let your mind wander in a motivating manner.

4.     Eat, Drink, and Sleep Well
 - It’s never been disputed that those 3 things help affect our mood tremendously. Without that, studies have shown declines in our health can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. Keep it healthy- keep it happy!

5.     Help Others
 - Sometimes, the best way to help yourself stay positive throughout your day is by staying positive as well. When you see other people down, the best thing to do is be positive for them. Your happy self could continue a chain reaction and brighten their day, and hopefully someone else’s after that.

6.      Follow your Passion
 - One of the best and key things to do to keep a positive mindset is to make sure you are doing something that you love. If you continue doing something that makes you feel guilty or take you down the wrong path, it’s time to change it up. You should feel excited about what you are about to accomplish throughout your day.

If you start by writing down 3 things that you love to do and stick with it, you will begin to feel more and more happiness. Change it up and see what happens!

Halle HillmanComment