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Hey babe!

I’m Halle Hillman, a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

What’s that?

I’m a holistic nutritionist that applies all aspects of life to create custom approaches for all of my clients. I use my education of nutrition, psychology of eating, lifestyle, and mindfulness, plus just my flat out experience to help you build a lifelong lifestyle to the fullest life possible.

In addition, I’ve taught fitness classes and personal trained for over 8 years and still absolutely love it. I’ve got this amazing community on Facebook for women who are ready to break free of the “healthy” stigma and yo-yo dieting. Oh, and can’t forget I’m a dog mom to the cutest babe on the block, Hank.

But here’s the thing- I haven’t always been like this.

For years, I was the “fit” girl on the outside, who worked out 7 days a week, always tried to eat the cleanest foods, avoided social events at all costs, and tried to make sure it seemed like I had it all together. Yet on the inside, I deemed myself as a compulsive yo-yo dieter and binge eater, who could never feel confident in her own skin. Every day I was either too tired, too sick, or too frustrated to reach my full potential. I was full of anxiety and depression, and continued to be controlled by my eating disorder, just looking for the newest pill to take in order to feel better temporarily.

All of my highs and lows ultimately brought me to my realization of the biggest but yet simplest key of all-


I’m stronger because of it. I’m healthier because of it. And I get to impact women’s lives every day because of it. I realized I don’t have to be perfect or have it all together in order to feel my best. I spent way too many years making sure everything was counted, measured, and controlled, and didn’t reap the benefits. My breakthrough freed me of all the things I thought had to be in line in order to be “healthy”.

My approach now?

Work with what you got. It’s enjoying a night out with your friends and not feeling guilty. It’s showing up to workouts to enjoy it instead of seeing it as punishment. It’s not losing those last 5 pounds because I’ll still get to actually live my life. It’s knowing there are going to be tough days and times, but you believe there will always be a way out.

At the end of the day, we don’t deserve to miss out on events, friendships, or opportunities to get your “goals”.

That’s why I love working 1:1 with women- to empower you all to have the knowledge you need to make the best decision in any situation, but the confidence to know it’s ok that it won’t always look perfect.

So what do you say? Let’s get you on that same path to freedom. Fill out the form on the tab to set up your free consultation- because you DESERVE it.

With love,