January Jumpstart


To be completely honest with you, I get really frustrated with people who are “annoyed” by the New Year “resolution-ers” that we see each year. Yes, our gym may be a little more crowded and it may take a little longer at the grocery store, but the fact that someone is ATTEMPTING to become healthier in their own skin is the most important thing this world needs.

Healthier people become nicer people, wouldn’t you agree? Plus, the more informed we are as a society about what chemicals are doing to our bodies and how us staying immobile is impacting our health care prices, the more we have a say in what happens to us in the future.

So for anyone out there that feels intimated to start on a new path of health or just as no idea where to start, I want to give you that bump up you need and I’m praying that you’ll feel nothing but support from everyone else.

I’ve posted a picture on my Instagram stories that I’m going to be posting every day just to check in and reflect with the 4 S’s that I have studied and experienced that I believe are important keys to reaching the fullest and healthiest life possible.

  1. SWEAT

Obviously, becoming active in any way you like is so important. Ideally, doing something every day of the week (especially if you sit at a desk or in a car for work) is so important- it’s as easy as taking a 15-30 min walk at lunch. So whether it’s that or an hour of Orangetheory, do something each day that gets your blood pumping just a little bit more. Personally, my week usually consists of 3-4 HIIT workouts and the rest are low intensity like yoga, light jogs, taking my dog Hank on long walks, etc.


I’ve absolutely underestimated sleep my entire life. Until this year, I was certain I was just fine with 4-5 hours each night. Your body does it’s best “recovery” work during sleep- your muscles AND your brain especially. When it’s not getting enough time, it’s forced to work off what little it has, which leads to issues down the road. With the obvious sleepiness, you’ll also suffer from irritability, weight gain, etc. Depending on how much effort you gave the day before, it’s important to shoot for 7-8 hours a night. I promise, it’s all perspective and if you create the time, it’ll work in your favor.


Read a book. Do a face mask. Clean your bathroom. Go to the spa. Get your hair done. Wash your car. Whatever relaxes you and take some stress away from your life is known as SELF-LOVE. We, as humans, want to do it all and yet our bodies take the biggest toll. It’s ok to ask for a little help or say no to just take time for you. Every single day, show yourself some extra grace. Just this past year, I’ve invested in a cleaning person that comes 2 times a month. Not that I can’t clean my own house, my I know when my house is cluttered, my stress level immediately increases. I’ve noticed an incredible calmness when I either take 20 minutes to clean my kitchen or have someone else to make my bed for once! Whatever will be your “saving grace”, invest in it.


No matter how much research I read or how many people I talk to, I believe one of the biggest factors of weight gain is SUGAR. And I don’t just mean the kind that Starbucks loves to put in your mocha fraps- artificial sugars can also be just as treacherous. Sugars like Splenda contain chemicals that have led to cancer and weight gain 10x worse than regular table sugar. The best types of sugar to stick with are natural occurring like the kind from fruit. Manuka honey is a close second and organic Stevia if absolutely needed. I try to stay under 10-15g of added sugar each day to my diet. Sugar is the only thing I will always count macros for because of how much it effects not only my body, but my mental performance. I’m convinced that regardless of macro count, if we all spent time focused on QUALITY, anti-inflammatory ingredients without sugar, your waistline will see the difference.

So here’s to ALL OF US making a change in 2019. No, it won’t be perfect. No, we won’t know it all. But we are sure going to do our best and not be afraid to SHOW OFF. Be proud of the steps your taking and the places your going- you never know who you are going to inspire just by TRYING. I hope you all join me on this jumpstart & post to your IG as many times as you can. I promise, this year will be YOUR YEAR.

Halle HillmanComment